Resilience-Per-Point (RPP)

A good way to balance the durability of a unit is to compare its ability to absorb on a point-by-point basis.   This is called resilience-per-point.

In other words, if 20 bolter shots will kill 1 plague marine, but kill 6.6 orks. A total of 24 points of PM will die, yet 39.6 points of orks will die from the same firepower.   This means the resilience per point of the plague marines are actually much higher than orks when taking bolter fire.

A comprehensive review of Black Templars in 6th edition Codex Space Marines

As a long standing Black Templar player I was initially dismayed upon hearing that we would get sucked into the new codex Space Marines and lose our own independent codex, making only Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Space Wolves "stand out" from the standard codex chapters, but after the Space Marines codex was released in september and I got time to review the new changes, I have come to like our place in the new book. This article is dedicated to any Templar players who are wondering whether to make the transition or not.

Playing the SeerStar

I've been running 6 warlocks, 2 farseers and the baron. This means the unit clocks in at 635 points. So far I've had a bit of good luck with the unit.  This article is to describe why this is the case.   This does not mean what works for me will work for you so take everything I say with a grain of salt

Tips for Tau

I played a few games at a local RTT this weekend, and played 2 Tau players. One was Tau/C:SM and the other Tau/Eldar. These are the tips I picked up from watching the Tau players. I don't play Tau, so while I am familiar with their rulebook I don't understand it to the same degree as Daemons, CSM, C:SM, Eldar, or Dark Eldar. As such, please take these suggestions as such.


Unit Review - Banshees

While I was playing with some mathhammering of Damage-Per-Point and Resilience-Per-Point, I discovered that Banshees actually have extremely good values in both those categories. When compared to scorpions vs GEQ they were on par and twice as good vs MEQ. (vs TEQ they are terrible)
That got me to thinking....are banshees bad? Are they overpriced?

Dakka Per Point

A concept that I've been working with lately is the Dakka/Choppa per point of a model. Simply put, if your spending 150 points on models A, B, and C, do they deliver the same damage as 150 points spent on models X, Y and Z.

I've been striving for a algorithm that produces numbers similar to my RPP values (Resilience-Per-Point). As such, this my current formula.
((To Hit) * (To Wound) * (Failed Save) * (Failed FNP) * (Number of Shots)) / (Unit Cost) * 1000

Rhinos and You

Internet wisdom is that Rhinos are bad. Like much of the 'internet wisdom' you see, it has more holes than swiss cheese. Rhinos are not 'bad', they are just not 'awesome'. For 35 points though, they are a pretty good bargain. This post hopefully will explain why this is the case.

Rhinos are not bunkers. Rhinos are transports designed to bring your unit to their needed location.